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Alfred Plath
Alfred Plath 10.01.2007
46519 Alpen

For Robert Fuhr
My name is Alfred Plath and I study martial arts for over 28 years. In this time I trained with
more than 80 grandmasters and masters from many different systems all over the world. I have
been working for many organisations and acted as host of big martial arts events. I wrote
different articles and published my own magazine „El Juramentado“. I still recognize my
encounter with Robert Fuhr. That was about 15 years ago. For me his name and his system
„Ed Parker Kenpo“ are inseparably connected. In my 28 years of experience I have only met a
few martial artists, which were so enthusiastic. This enthusiasm appealed to me. As I shared
his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the will to explore all aspects of martial arts, we soon
became friends. His interest in filipino systems was the reason for starting training together and
discussing many different matters. Although having not the closest contact, we still stayed
Robert Fuhr did not change in those 15 years, but he developed. He followed his goals and
realised his ideas. Even today his is loyal to his teachers, what is not natural in those days. But
his respect is not too big to not follow his own ways and search for new solutions. That is the
only way that system can evolve.
The apprenticeship must be developed to serious studies and one has to wonder: „Why do we
train this way? What are the disadvantages of the old techniques? Which features are primary
in the old application, which are secondary or even replacable? Which advantages are
essential for my new training methods?“
I think that Robert Fuhr will continue to use his experience in his training and his students will
without any doubt benefit of his knowledge. He will never give up the search. For me he is one
of the most honest martial artists with a very strong character that I ever met.
Alfred Plath